Rodeo Results

Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Officers

Rodeo President

  • Kevin Maurin

    Plumbing Masters Inc.

Executive Committee

  • Capt. Richard Rutland

    VP of Publicity
    Cold Blooded Fishing

  • Chase Scott

    VP Ways and Means

  • Eric McCall

    VP of Sales and Marketing
    Sandifer & Associates

  • Frankie Nicholson

    VP of Technology
    Smith Dukes

  • Jeremy Tousinau

    VP of Operations

  • Jimmy Tran

    VP of Site

  • Joseph Arbour

    VP of Publications

  • Justin Thompson

    VP of Weights and Measures

  • Lou Howell

    VP of Security

  • Robbie Stockton

    VP of Finance

  • Steven McNider

    VP of Awards
    Phins Apparel

Assistant Vice Presidents

Board of Directors